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I'm not saying they're right, I'm not saying they're wrong, but if they both thought this, maybe there's something to it? Maybe their reaction is an indication of how others might react also. Is digging your heels in worth the bother?

If someone in the script (either some idiot, or someone really trying hard not to offend, there's no telling which) asked your character the question, "Do you prefer to be called black, or African American?" -- what would he reply? If he shares your thoughts about being so far removed from Africa that it's not relevant to his life, maybe have him say so. Expressing your thoughts this way might be a compromise.

A great question and perspective! Thank you.

The character is a captain in the US Air Force and an intelligence officer. His father was the first black man to become a general officer in the Air Force, and he feels the need to live up to such expectations. These issues are implicit as opposed to explicit in the script but none-the-less are a driving force in how he thinks and responds to situations. He is also the only surviving 'hero' of the screenplay.

-Wild Bill