Hey guys.

I haven't been around much because I only have phone internet where I'm at, but I wanted to let y'all know the 3rd Arclight book is out as an ebook.

It's called HORIZON, and here's the blurb.

It’s getting darker.

Marina can no longer speak to the Fade.

Anne-Marie’s quarantined in the White Room.

Rue and Cherish have disappeared.

Tobin’s questioning everything he was ever taught.

War is coming.

Having encountered the wild-Fade – The Shroud – in the deeper Dark, the Arclight prepares to make humanity’s last stand against the nanite horde that began inside its walls. Marina’s Fade-family helps where they can, but their own fight is coming. When unexpected faces appear at the gate, no one knows if it’s the first sign of hope or destruction.

Here's the link:


Hopefully, I'll be able get back online soon, but our town's open wifi isn't available anymore. I miss AW.