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Thread: Diary Format

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    Writers who used the Myth of Cthulhu wrote some their stories like diaries, including Lovecraft (short stories). To give a few:

    The dweller in the tomb - Lin Carter (As the story advance, the MC loses track of the time as well as his sanity... sorry, Myth of Cthulhu imply someone losing his sanity.)
    Out of the ages - Lin Carter (The last part is a police report. The police report gives the conclusion to the story and what became of the MC, or at least what is known from an other point of view.)
    In his daughter's darkling womb - Tina L. Jens (Alternate between diary entries and direct action)

    One advice: Avoid diary entries written while the action takes place and ended with something like "Oh god! They are coming through my door but I must write until the end while something terrible is happening to me!". I exaggerate a little, but I don't find this really credible. If some terrible creatures were to enter my house, writing what is happening would not be my reaction.
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