Hello Everyone,

I have set of 12 fantasy short stories, 10k words in total.

'We Two are Strange Sights' is set in the secondary world, The Ring, which is located in our Pacific Ocean. The main fantasy elements are divine use of natural and unnatural elements, that is not limited to the the five senses, especially touch. The stories are quite light on the fantasy, mostly focusing on different kinds of relationships, friends, couples, parents and children. With different kinds of pairing(including LGBTQIA) and pairings+.

I would like feedback on creating interesting characters from the get-go, and sustaining that. I've relied less on curiosity and dramatic questions, unlike with writing novels (though I've still used both in every story), but have tried to create satisfying plots. I want to make sure the characters are memorable and distinct.

Please let know if you're interested in beta reading or swapping!