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Thread: June 2019 Challenge - Write Every Day!

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    Writer, historian Cindyt's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    Bulldog Town
    Day 12

    Draft - 651

    Revisions - 1 chapter, 3 scenes

    Polish - 1 scene

    Research - Name generators for sci-fi novel and cologne--Eden Rising & Possessegy, respectively. I was uncomfortable using real names because each is a trigger for a brutal act. PTSD triggers.

    Layla - Another ½ page!

    Creosote - Nice rewriting time! I started out writing fiction and crossed over to non fiction, which I‘ve had some success at. Now I write both and love both.

    Daniel - Congrats on doing something and helping a friend.

    Anna - WTG on productivity! You have a jumble you can fix instead of a blank page.

    Pingle - Interesting title!

    ap - Hope your husband gets well soon.

    April - I wouldn’t get on a plane for any kind of money; thus, the research.

    Gough - Good going!

    I added an early PTSD trigger to Billy instead of so abruptly in a later scene. Plus, having it happen right off intensifies the closing paragraphs of that chapter.

    I'm going to catch Kalifornia on Prime today. It's a serial killer movie starring Brad Pitt , Leo Decaprio, and Juliette Lewis. I'm going to have the screaming nightmares sometime in the future. I've already dreamed about Ted Bundy. He was just there in the background of an ordinary dream. Spooky.
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