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Thread: RIP: Sandra Seamans

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    RIP: Sandra Seamans

    (Mods: my apologies if this thread belongs in a different subforum.)

    Sandra Seamans passed away a few days ago, May 23, 2019.

    She wasn't famous; she never became a household name. But she wrote short stories, and she helped a lot of other writers, including me, find markets -- magazines, anthologies, new publishers -- they might not have heard of otherwise, via her award-nominated blog, My Little Corner.

    She was always friendly and considerate, and loved to talk about publishing and writing. We occasionally chatted in the context of talking about a market; I just wish now I'd corresponded with her more.

    I don't know if anyone will continue or maintain her blog. Even without Sandra's updates, it's an excellent source just as a list of markets.

    She helped me; she helped a lot of writers. She will be missed.
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