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Thread: HBO's Chernobyl

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineA View Post
    I've watched When They See Us. It's painful and entirely deserving of any and all awards. Ava Duverney is brilliant, and the acting was superb. I regret that expressing happiness for one show implies there's a hierarchy. I didn't mean that to be the conclusion, and I'm sorry I made it appear that way.
    It doesn't have to be a hierarchy. I think there is a tendency for things that focus on European history and white culture(s) to get more media attention in general, and this can be compounded for those of us who have a preponderance of white people friended etc. on our social media. Our society is still pretty segregated, both physically and culturally, and the signal boost is much greater for some shows than others. This is significant, because research has shown that people who bond with people of color who appear as characters on (even fictional) TV shows, in movies, and in books etc. will become more empathetic, even if their personal circles of friends and family are less integrated. It's hard not to watch well-done shows like Chernobyl or When They See Us and not feel more for the people who were victims.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonya Heaney View Post
    Guys, Chernobyl is in Ukraine, not Russia. The inability to differentiate between "Russian" and "Soviet" is offensive to those of us with families from the USSR (you know, with Russia invading Ukraine RIGHT NOW).
    This is very true, and it's something people should become more mindful of. I can't help noticing how many people testifying in the impeachment hearings will start to say "The Ukraine" instead of simply "Ukraine," which is its proper name in the Post-Soviet era, for instance. Most catch and correct themselves, but a few don't. Old habits die hard, but it has been a long time since the Berlin Wall fell, and I am guessing this is pretty hurtful to Ukrainians.

    At the time the show takes place, of course, Ukraine was still under Soviet control, and if I ever used the term "Russian" to refer to the Soviet government, it was because I think of it as something imposed on other countries within the Soviet Union from Moscow.
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