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Thread: 4th of July fireworks hell:

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    4th of July fireworks hell:

    I live in the capitol of NYS, Albany. Everyone here, especially our revered mayor, pretends to be friend of the environment --and even a vegan.

    Although people here pretend that they are leftists who "support" the New Green Deal, many of them have vans, suvs, motorcycles, and if money permits it, personal helicopters. Everyone loves to go vacation, take a cruise, travel the world, if money allows it... being an environmentalist and polluting at the same time.

    The day, however, where all Americans (poor folks, politicians, rich people, businessmen, servicemen, etc.) show their "big love" and "big respect" for the environment is the 4th of July.

    The fireworks start blowing from 4PM, releasing all kinds of poisons in the sky, till 2AM of the next day. I have been unfortunate enough to live downtown.... which means that I never sleep on July 4th, the next day I have to smell all the poisonous smoke and definitely wash my bike that becomes dark from the fireworks.

    People here say to each other on July 4th that you should be proud to be an American, but none on the left or the right of the politics ever dares to tell an American "you should change your lifestyle". Telling an American to change her lifestyle equals to political suicide.

    In this country lives only the 5% of the world population, but this country produces almost the 20% of the carbon emissions in the world. Has not the time come for our Democrat mayors tell the people no more fireworks?
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