Hello AW! I'm back!

I left after my grandad died, about a year ago. I had to deal with my own issues. Most of you will be surprised to know I have schizophrenia. Honestly, I've dealt with it now, even if I'll have occasional hallucinations for the rest of my life.

Now. I have no intention of being a writer anymore. I love guitar more than writing. But I've missed all you amazing people. So my solution is this: I will only post in this thread, and nowhere else. And PMs. Mods, if you could please make this a sticky thread, I'd appreciate it!

So, why Caitlin's corner? Because I'm a trans chick and Caitlin Black is my chosen name. Only the people in the NC17 erotica section knew that.

Okay... Feel free to post the most random thoughts you have here. Believe me, I'm an expert in weird. And if you're new, join in! The more the merrier!