I was thinking about returning to a local steampunk convention this fall (it's improved the location and I should have a new book by then ), but the vendor setup sounds weird to me:

Market Street is a dedicated vendor hallway at the new . . . Hotel . . .. One big benefit about vending from your own room is that you choose your store hours.
I got some clarification from the organizer and, yup, it's just what it sounds like:

This year vendors will be set up in their hotel rooms. The vendor hall will be like market st with individual shops being the different rooms. . . .The hotel rooms are on the 2nd floor of the hotel and the “action” will be on 1st and 2nd floor of the hotel and in the conversation center next door.
This sounds bizarre to me, but she insists she's been to some other cons with a similar setup and did well as a vendor. Has anyone here had any experience with a similar setup? I'm hesitant to sign up to spend a weekend trying to sell books to the housecleaning crew when they come by.