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For me, it would depend on whether you think Editor 1's revisions will make the manuscript stronger. I had a revision request that turned into a rejection, but my agent subbed the revised manuscript from then on because we liked it better than the original.

If the revision involves major changes to the characters or plots, I would tell Editor 2 you're also working on a new version and summarise the changes. If she agrees with Editor 1, it might make the difference between, "Sorry, this isn't for me," and "Sorry, this isn't for me, but I'd love to see the revision when you're done."
I'm not sure if the revision makes the manuscript better or not. I actually ended up with two versions of the revision - one with an extended ending and additional scenes, plus a restructured beginning and middle. Then another that has all of that but also cuts one side character out of the story completely. I'm a bit mixed on this as I feel both versions made the book stronger - the ending is better now in both, but I wasn't crazy about removing the side character, though it probably makes the book stronger. I think all versions work, they're just different - not necessarily better. I do think the extended ending makes it stronger, but not sure if removing the character did. Depends on the editor (or editors) preferences, I guess. I suppose I could mention both additional versions to the publisher who's still considering the original version but not sure how to phrase it.