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Thread: An editor sent back revision notes, but now another editor has asked to see the manuscript too.

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    An editor sent back revision notes, but now another editor has asked to see the manuscript too.

    An editor at a publishing house sent back a rejection, with revision notes (which I made a separate thread about). They said they're willing to take another look so I'm working on the revision. Meanwhile, another editor at another publisher has asked to see the manuscript. They know I had interest from other publishers. I sent them the original version as still working on revisions for Publisher 1.

    Should I tell Publisher 2 I'm working on a revision so they know the interest I have is strong AND so they know I might have a better version coming or leave it as is (as they might have different notes)? I suppose I could wait to see what they say, and if they turn me down, I could always tell them then that I'm revising it. But not sure if I'm supposed to tell them I'm already revising. (Publisher 1 has not asked for an exclusive and I figure it will take me a week or two to finish the revision at least, maybe longer, but I thought it better to get the MS to the second publisher on the day she asked for it, rather than asking her to wait, and also because I'm not sure if she'll have different notes. I suspect this revision will make the novel stronger, but everything is subjective.)
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