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Thread: Pushcart Nomination

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    practical experience, FTW Paul Lamb's Avatar
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    Pushcart Nomination

    Is there a consensus about the worth of mentioning getting a Pushcart Nomination in query letters?

    There is a scathing article from some years back saying that getting a Pushcart nomination is nothing very special (given the number of stories nominated) and is actually embarrassing when included in query letters and bios. I think the math in that article is unfairly one sided since it doesn't take into account the number of published stories that were not nominated to give perspective, but what do you think or hear?

    Is an editor interested in knowing a submitter has this credential? Sure, I understand that a story stands or falls on its own, but it seems as though a Pushcart nomination is still something worth mentioning.

    What do you think?
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