I'm the author of a sci-fi series, and am adding a lesbian to my cast of characters. She spends all her time in deep space with her dysfunctional family, so she's not a part of any hypothetical future lesbian community. She just watches a bunch of yuri, or "girls' love", anime to experience in vicariously.

(It's the future, but modern human aesthetics are exactly the same. Just go with.)

Are there any lesbians who want to offer insight on yuri anime? I understand it's not realistic, preferring to focus on melodrama or the cute factor, but I wouldn't expect a James Bond film to be five minutes of action and one hundred and fifteen minutes of paperwork, either.

For reference, I'm talking more about slice of life shows like Yuru Yuri and Sakura Trick than 'boobs a'poppin' hentai porn.