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*rushes into thread*

I haven't read any of the thread, including the OP, but I have Opinions on Everything and I will now share my Opinions on Everything
What are your Opinions on the Rule that you can't start more than three sentences on a page with "The" if you want to sell your manuscript? Someone once told me it was a Rule, and I read part of this one page of this one book somewhere (I don't really read, I don't think I should read if I want to write because my head will be full of other people's words and a real author should invent their own, dglurmpt vu thkinzz ghso?) and there were four sentences that started with "The," so clearly it's a Thing everyone must do because an exception proves a Rule, doesn't it?

Keep in mind I'll ask again next week in a slightly different thread, and again after that, until I get the answer I want, and until then I'll be passive-aggressive about clinging to this Rule in the face of any and all evidence that it's bunk.

Also, said and ask vs. said-bookisms.