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Thread: Bookscan / sales numbers / rude awakening

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    Bookscan (as viewed via Author Central) records less than half of my sales (as seen on royalty statements). But library and school sales are big in YA, so thatís true of most MG/YA authors.

    Hereís an essay by a well-platformed author whose memoir got lots of attention (I read it!) and still sold poorly. And by poorly I mean ďa few thousandĒ (he doesnít specify further).

    (ETA: I was just reading the authorís blog, and he specifies he sold 5,000 copies of that memoir in the first few months, a number that shocked him at the time but sounds just fine to him now that heís self-publishing. Honestly, it sounds pretty okay to me, too! Expectations change.)

    And hereís a useful article about book sales generally, though I think it focuses on fiction. It suggests that sales of less than 5k are not unusual for acclaimed debut literary novels that havenít won a major award.

    Otherwise, just seconding what others are saying here. Many good books donít sell well. It is hard, hard, hard to sell books. As far as comps go, I donít think you necessarily need a mega-bestseller, unless it really feels like the most accurate comparison.
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