I'm going to watch this, because I enjoyed the first movie so much (the second and third are great too), but the trailer raised my hopes. And I try not to go into any film with high expectations.

What I want most from #4 is for Woody and Bo Peep to end up happy together. I don't want another #2 ending where Woody decides he's meant to be a toy and be there for a child, so he goes back to Bonnie. Adorable though she is, Bonnie just doesn't have the bond with him that Andy did - heck, Forky is her new favorite. I would love it if Woody decided to stay with Bo Peep and run whatever goes on in the carnival, just like Ken and Barbie are the power couple for Sunnyside.

It would be heartbreaking for Woody to say goodbye to his old friends, but I think that ending would give a sense of setting out on new adventures, whereas if he returns to Bonnie (with or without Bo Peep), that just feels like getting back into the same mindset and comfort zone. And I liked Bo from the start, so I just want to see them be together.

Any other fans, what are your thoughts?