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Well, I've kept all of the rights, so there's no concern there. And I know I've seen acknowledgements in novels that parts or chapters had appeared in other publications before, so I think it's been done. But my gut says enuf is enuf and not to get any more published.
No one said people hadn't had pieces of novels pubbed in periodicals.

Often, those are negotiated prior to publication of the book in order to generate interest. That's not your situation.

You're talking about a book that has already been published, pretty much, which means first rights are gone, which seriously limits the agents and houses that will be interested. You've also got the problem of the published pieces haven't generated enough to attract someone to contact you, so...

Anything is possible, but if I were you I'd concentrate on something else, if you're looking for a trade deal, and either just put the rest of this out there or hope that someday, if you get deals for other works, someone might be interested in taking this on even though it'd prepubbed.