another thing to think about is rights grabs. Kris Rusch recently wrote about Patreon owning the rights to anything up there. Mostly, this doesn't matter because mostly people with Patreon aren't famous and won't become famous...but one of these days, one will, and Patreon will do the cash grab in the movie deal, and it'll be ugly for the author.

I do 100% sympathize with being tired of trade and tired of self-pub and tired of the business/promotion end of writing altogether. It's a lot of work either way, and most writers just want to be left alone to write and have fun with it. I haven't found an answer to that problem, I'm sorry to say, but I do wish you the best. And remember, you can just wait another year or two or three to decide. Your attitude will surely shift, and your tolerance for BS of whatever sort will wax or wane. Best of luck figuring it out.