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Thread: Looking for beta readers for a UF YA novel.

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    Looking for beta readers for a UF YA novel.

    Hi, I'm looking for two to three betas who are willing to read my story. It is a clean, futuristic urban fantasy, young adult novel. It comes in at almost exactly 68,000 words and is called "The Door in My Hand."

    I have self-edited myself, so this is not a rough draft or in early stages. However, this is first time sending a book out to betas so it is a new experience to me. I also plan to self-publish if that helps any decide.

    What I would like from betas is someone who loves speculative fiction young adult novels, and is looking for a quick spring/summer read. Some of my weak points I need help with is describing the setting better.

    Here is the blurb: ETA: The blurb is still being worked on, which I hope, as a beta, you can help me on as well.

    ETA: Here's a one-line summary: A famous ex-daredevil finds a door growing in her hand, but the creatures are evil, and the only person capable of helping her stop them and get her job back believes otherwise, so now she must change his mind.

    And the first 1000 words:!

    Although I can't do a beta swap, I am willing to read your first 2,000 words and critique them. The only exceptions are erotica. You can opt out of this if you want and the number of words I can critique can be raised.

    PM me if you have any questions. If you would like my first 2 chapters to see if you like my style, PM me as well. Or if you just know you're ready to read it, you can just say so. Once you accept, we can get into the finer details then.

    I'm excited to be working with you, and I hope we can make my book wonderful.
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    (YA Futuristic Urban Fantasy) The Door in My Hand = Beta-ing (Previously trunked)

    (Ya sci-fi: Creepy doll trope meets aliens) Puppet People= first draft

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