As I'm coming up to the finish line of my first draft (thank goodness!), I know one of the things I will have to do is incorporate more slang in the speech of my characters, but how much is too much when the characters, in particular my 17 and 19 year old girls, are from a small farming town in Michigan? My feeling is, don't use too much. Maybe the real common ones, like Cake-Eater or Bees Knees or Applesauce! or And How! and other such things. I have had other characters use Sheik and Sheba. Is it better to go easy on the slang and stick with just a few rather than litter the slang all over? I feel if they were flappers in a bigger city they would use more slang, but since they are not and from a small town where they are more sheltered, then use of a lot of slang would come off unrealistic, and not to mention, that it would make me look like I'm trying to show off with all of these nifty phrases I discovered.

The vampire character (this is a historical paranormal) who is over 100 years old uses very little if any of the slang from the time period. I thought to incorporate a few words into his speech as well, but with his character I feel he just wouldn't use any unless trying to fit into a certain situation.