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Thread: untitled story WORLD MAP

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    untitled story WORLD MAP

    So this wonderful post gave me the idea to look for feedback on the two maps I made (for myself, to help me envision the world my story takes place in). Are there any names that strike you as too odd/too close to something else?

    (My youngest came up with The King's War for a working title)

    RED - the kingdom the story takes place in
    GREEN - the antagonist kingdom
    ORANGE - protagonist kingdom's allies
    PURPLE - antagonist kingdom's allies
    YELLOW - neutral but sending resources to antagonist kingdom's allies
    Capital cities are in yellow.


    This map is to show the distance between the capital cities of the protagonist and antagonist kingdoms.
    The town in gray (Ploweun) is the setting of the B story and this map shows where it sits in relation to the two capital cities.
    The pink triangle is Selka Valley. It is lands that belonged to Vartania a couple of generations ago, but has since been settled by a small ethnic group of Weltavora, the Braites.

    I have a bit more information about each kingdom, if required.

    Thank you for criticisms and comments.
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