Hey everyone,

I was hoping to get some opinions on the use of flashbacks (FB) in children's novels. Whilst I appreciate that FBs serve to move the story forward in some capacity (else, why have them, right?), in the context of a children's novel are they considered too complicated, or is it best to keep it simple and have the story unfold in chronological order? Are there any notable examples you can think of that demonstrates FBs being used to good effect?

As my current project takes place at the end of October I want to reveal some backstory that occurred during the Summer months as part of a flashback. Essentially, my protagonist explains the events that occurred to another character. It's important to the story, but having recently completed my outline I can't help but feel that the story needs to begin in the winter months... but I need a way to deliver the summer segment.

I hope this makes sense? Thanks all!