My previous books have been YA and when I tackled finding YA review blogs and submitting review requests, I was able to find many. I now have a new MG book out and have been searching for blogs that review MG and am having trouble. My book is a short story collection with pictures, not a standard MG novel, which I feel creates more hurdles.

I would also be interested in finding MG bookstarammers, if you know of any.

I also have a hi-lo book aimed at kids 11-14 that I would like to find reviewer blogs/bookstagrammers for. I was hoping there'd be some overlap.

Hi-lo means high interest, low reading level. The characters are in their teens, but the book is shorter and simpler than other books aimed at the same age group. It's kind of a niche market aimed at educators/school systems and most reviewers are either not interested, or don't understand what a hi-lo book is. They tend to always comment that it is too short and simple.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.