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I recently saw a breakdown of the most successful self publishers and romance dominated the chart by a large margin. Just wondering how much you would attribute genre to the success of a self published author?
Not quite necessary (but close) and definitely not sufficient. Science Fiction is also good. Mystery is good--legal thrillers and cozies are both big, and two of the top 20 earners (earning well over a million US per year each) were cozy writers the last time I looked. What I mean by "not sufficient" is there are also a lot of cozy writers and romance writers and legal thriller writers who aren't making a thousand a year. I've never seen a top 50 list that includes someone doing lit fic or straight westerns. So it's necessary to be in a top category to be a millionaire, but to be earning on the order of $25K US/year, it's possible to be in other than the top several sub-categories.

It's much more important how many books you have out. Nearly every top earner has 25+ books out. Several have over 100 books out (some of those books are surely ghostwritten.)