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Thread: Dark Fetish Erotica Series (Paying Job $0.01 per word)

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    Dark Fetish Erotica Series (Paying Job $0.01 per word)

    Hello writers,

    Iím looking for advanced storytellers and authors with open minds and boundless creative energy. My project will dive deep into the niche fetish of heroine characters who face defeat and humiliation in epic battles. There will be detailed sexual conduct, violence, vulgar language, and above all else, a story. If you are easily offended please do not apply. The goal is to breach simple fetish erotica and create something with depth beyond titillation. I'm not a wealthy person, so I can't offer a lot since this is a personal passion project not intended for resaleóI doubt there is even a market for it. But, I believe with the right people, those who have interest in the subject, it could be an adventure with some treasure along the way!

    The rate will be $0.01 per word starting, budgeted and sturdy. However, as my confidence grows, so might the rate depending on finance. This project is meant to be ongoing, building upon each installment along the same story line as far as we can.

    A writer, or writers, will be selected based on their proven aptitude as well as my preferred taste in the storytelling approach. We will work closely to become synchronized, encourage open communication, and share ideas to make this project the best possible.

    Characters will demonstrate their identities, scenes will be vivid and lush with details that call to the sense, and the story will be saturated with wicked fetish elements when the moment is right. But, before we get started on the project, the first step is to greet one another and see if we are the right fit. Please, when submitting to my project via message:

    1) Introduce yourself.
    2) Give examples of your comfort levels with written depictions of sex, violence, and both.
    3) Tell me how long a 5,000 word draft takes you complete with edits.
    4) Tell me why I should choose you for this project above all others.

    Failure to answer the four required items above will result in the dismissal of your submission. It saddens me that this must be said, but if you donít have time to read my post in full, then I donít have time to read your submission.

    To ensure the more adult aspects of this story are seen by those of legally mature age, I have omitted them from this post. However, we will discuss them upon contact through message.

    I'm excited to bring this opportunity to this community, as I've been a fan of this gathering for quite some time. Being a writer myself, I hope to learn and grow together. Iím looking forward to meeting all of you and working with some of you.

    Best wishes,
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