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Thread: Anyone ever try two freelance (developmental) editors?

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    Two editors?

    Can't really say much more than: DON'T

    Well, I'm seldom at a loss for words, and since I'm here: If you're just looking for proofreading, then maybe it would be harmless, but in all probability a waste of your time and money.

    If you're wanting to undergo a "proper" editing process (by which I mean a developmental and copyediting process) then it should be an iterative process whereby you and your editor work as partners to polish your work together. Your book will probably undergo a number of significant changes as you work through the process together. My own editor persuaded me to remove an entire sub-plot and one of my main characters. She was right to do so. No two editors will have the same views, so you risk creating a recipe for utter confusion.

    Editor #1: Think about changing sub-plot B like this, and then kill off character A in Chapter 3?
    You: Great idea, O wondrous editing guru! *type, type, scribble, scribble*
    Editor #2: Wtf happened to the Daffodil Crisis in the end? And the goldfish is DEAD??!!

    Actually, it's going to be worse than that. And it won't be enlivened by my brilliant sense of humour...

    Seriously - get one good, independent editor. Important - NOT your mum's buddies. I happen to know one I cannot recommend highly enough

    If nothing else, it'll be half the price.

    Best of luck, whatever you decide!

    Nuff said. Beam me up, Scotty.
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