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I moved to the U.S. south as an adult, and the Mr./Miss First-Name thing definitely took some getting used to.

The funny part was that I adjusted fairly quickly to OTHER people being called Mr./Miss First Name - the landlady of my first apartment was an elderly woman known to all as "Miss Rose," and I never batted an eye at that. Come to think of it... I never even learned her last name.

The difficult part was adjusting to being called "Miss Tazlima myself," particularly when people introduced me to their children that way. It definitely felt weird at first, but now I don't bat an eye.

If anything, now that I'm familiar with the practice, it's the use of "Ms." that would throw me. Any time I've heard the southern "Mr./Miss" thing used, it's ALWAYS "Miss" for women, regardless of age or marital status. That may be different, though, in different parts of the south.

I'd leave it in simply because it's such a ubiquitous part of southern culture, just as I would expect a story set in Japan to use "San" for a similar level of formality.
The people in the tread talking about using Mrs. are throwing me. I don't think I've said that in my life, and don't even recall the last time I heard anyone referred to that way. I grew up with Mr./Ms. and past kindergarten (That teacher I loved and was Miss LastName) and elderly relatives who used Miss/Master on envelopes and things to kids, thus has always been.