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I find myself a bit split on the matter. My favorite characters are the subtle anti-heroes. Dexter is great, but he's very blatantly the psychopathic Jason Bourne. The Loser's Club in IT is a favorite. They have many flaws, and aren't really like able besides their innocence, but they are developed through the story. You get a feeling for "why" in a lot of things Godfather's Mikey does, not because he becomes more like able, or necessarily relatable, but because the character was developed. The story is interesting for long enough that the reader feels they have invested in this character. I didn't find The Walking Dead's Carl especially interesting or relatable, but I invested the time watching him change. So I was invested. I cared eventually. This spotty post brought to you by either too much or too little caffeine. You're welcome.
I think the t.v. script writers fudged on Dexter's psychopathy. The things that make him likable include his love for his sister and kids, or step-kids, whereas for a real psychopath, they'd be only as important as they were useful to him. His thing--killing bad guys--is presented as a quirk in an otherwise normal guy. It was phony...but entertaining.