Hello, and pleasure to meet you all.

My mother is also a foster parent failure, so this is more of a rescue story, rather than a foster story. So, there are two dogs that my mother had rescued. The first is that she fostered a small dog we named Lilly. We couldn't figure out what breed she was for the life of us. All that we could tell was that she had a chihuahua head with a pit bull body, yet she only stood to be about 1' 5", or so. Most likely smaller. She was found within some woods in Chicago, and somehow made her way to California with the help of some foster agents and several animal shelters. She had scars from being infested with ticks, and was skittish as all hell. When we first took her in she wouldn't even walk around at all for the first two weeks. It was kind of sad. However, after the second week she started moving around and checking things out. She also won't stop humping legs... Yes she is female, humping legs. The funniest part here is this didn't start until after she got fixed, yeah, afterwards... What did they do wrong? I haven't got the faintest clue in the world.

The other story is when we moved to Wabeno Wisconsin to work on an organic farm. Here we met a dog that just came up to us at our farm stand. A beautiful part husky, part blue healer. Long story short, we posted a bunch of lost dog posters everywhere, but we started to fall more and more in love with her. Then when we got a call from her owner, that came to pick her up, he was saying that she always gets off of her lead and runs away. We were already suspicious of this man due to the dogs reaction to certain things. She won't even play fetch. If you throw the ball, she would flinch. Someone say abusive? To top it off, loud noises get her all sorts of nervous. Last, but not least her owner looked like a d*** meth head. Very sad, but couldn't just take his dog either, so we gave him our information. About a week, or so later she escapes, and actually found her way back to our house. What! What are you doing here? Lol! The guy calls us again and says that we can keep her. A friend of the family decided then to name her Kieya. We also found out that she is most certainly a Houdini dog. Even with a harness, the lead poses little challenge for her. First she backs up until the lead is tight, then she will lift her front paws, and lean back. The harness, or collar that she is wearing just slips right off like a shirt. The most hilarious thing I have ever seen a dog do.

In the end of it all, it has been quite a few years and both dogs are now spoiled rotten by my mother and sister. Happy and content with their doggo lives. Lilly proves to be the dominant While Kieya is the instigator to a fight. Lol! It's funny to watch them play because Kieya is way faster than Lilly, and it makes her supper angry.