We saw the show last night (Saturday) from Orch. 4 Row AA Seats 405 & 406, as usual. It was an incredible show, once again. Celine was in her best form. She was possibly in the best mood I have ever seen her be in. Very involved with the audience.

She gave us a ton of attention; lots of kisses and winks. The girl next to us was amazed at how much she acknowledged us.

Some things have changed throughout the show. Mainly her hair, again! She has added back her extentions and dyed her hair slightly darker than usual. No highlights. It looks very good on her. She also does not put her hair up in a pony tail when she changes into her tuxedo outfit. It was down the entire night until MHWGO & WAWW.

She gave the rose to a young girl, maybe 3 years old, sitting in Orch. 3 Row AA sitting with her mom. She was so adorable; blonde curly hair and wearing a long white dress. She had a small stuffed frog to give to Celine. As Celine walked towards her she quietly asked the mother for permission to give the rose to her daughter. She accepted, of course. The young girl met Celine on the steps and exchanged the frog for the rose and hugged Celine. It melted her heart; you could tell she didn't want to let the little girl go. When she walked back on stage she used the frog's hand to wave back to the little girl. She waved bye to the audience with the frog, as well. She kept giving everyone an "Awww" look. It was too cute! Then when she walked back stage she stood at the edge and clapped the frog's hands for the dancers and musicians. When Elijah was left on stage he acted like he was going to steal the frog and Celine played a little with that. Kind of back-and-forth. So cute.

After the show we saw Patrick and said hello; he seemed to be in a hurry though. The as we walked up the stair to exit Ramona spotted Rene, and we walked over to say hello to him. He was talking with some other ladies and when he saw us he asked Ramona, "How many times tonight?" She told him "60 times" and he laughed and told the ladies, "This woman has seen the show 60 times tonight!" He also asked her "How is everything going?" She said good, and we said good-bye because there were numerous people waiting for their turn to talk to him.

I thought that maybe he was in the audience because during "All the Way" Celine kept winking at someone towards the back of Front Orch. seats. It was my first time to see him so up close, and to talk to him. Although, I didn't say a word because I completely went blank. There were so many things we wished we would of said to him, but there is always next time I guess.

We are planning on seeing the show tonight and will share the news tomorrow.

Angela and Ramona