Sigh. I know this is just my anxiety talking, and, uh, this really doesn't make sense unless I just barf this all out. So here we go:

A while back I was struggling with my chapter 2. I knew I had to completely redo it. I started writing a beginning of my MMC waking up in his room ready to set out to find my missing FMC. I loved the short scene, but I ran into a problem. How was my MMC going to travel around? I was stuck. The towns were too far apart. Frustrated I went onto AW. Started reading some SYW, but then it was lunch time and I had to go. As I was eating, I was blowing my brains out over the travel part. Then I thought to myself "what about fast travel? Oh! I just read a SYW with fast travel" maybe that will work.

I get to my desk. Write down "have him use fast travel." I sat there, staring at it. Then it hit me. I don't need fast travel! I could just make the towns closer. But I still liked the idea of chapter two taking place on a subway (which shows up as a super important location a few chapters later.)

Did I steal this idea? Did I cross a line? I mean, I thought of the idea then remembered the story I read. AND I didn't even use the fast travel.

As I'm writing this, I feel stupid...but my brain can't stop thinking that I stole it. I can't even remember what SYW it was! I'm getting ready to look for editors and I don't know what to do with myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!