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I think individual definitions of "clean" will vary by publisher. If you're interested in writing for a specific publisher, read their guidelines (and a few of their books) to get an idea of what they want, and see if your comfort level coincides with theirs.
^^ That.

Do you have any particular publishers in mind? It really does vary so much. Some "clean" romance publishers are Christian or faith-based, and they have stricter rules.

On the other hand, if you approach your book as "sweet" rather than "clean", I think you'll be fine. Plenty of mainstream publishers are happy to publish sweet (as in, no sex) romances, and then you're not worrying about fitting your book into one company's very specific moral code.
(An example: Harlequin has both faith-based and sweet-lines. What you have here wouldn't work for their faith-based line, but would be fine in one of their sweet imprints.)