Iím writing a story set in Wales. Characters are Welsh. POV is third person close-ish, and whenever it gets into the head of my main character, the voice naturally has a bit of a British flavo(u)r (eg. thereís no sidewalks in the story and a few pavements.)

Thing is, everything Iíve written so far I've written with American spelling. Thereís no particular reason. Iím of mixed background and I was mostly raised in a non-English speaking country. My dad used American spelling, in school we used British spelling, and when I started writing I used American spelling because that was how dadís spell checker was configured. Iíve never given it much thought as none of my fiction has been particularly Anglo-Saxon.

I could just use British spelling for thisone I guess, but I feel a bit funny doing it, as the bulk of the story hasnothing to do with Wales (just to give you an example, thereís a section of thestory in which the POV character is the square root of two. Normally I wouldnítwrite about these things with a British spelling.)

I suppose my questions are, 1) how would you feel reading a story that is clearly British but Americanly spelled? 2) How would you feel reading, say, a story collection in which only one story uses British spelling? Or a book by a writer who usually uses American spelling and all of a suddenly switches for her newbook? Or would you not even notice?