Closing in on the end of the month, everyone! Still a few days left to make progress on those goals!

Didn't get as much done on my goals this week as I would have liked. I spent a fair amount of time on two big and long-overdue projects with my husband: building an enclosure for my vegetable garden (specifically designed to keep out both deer and gray squirrels), and making 20 pounds of Italian sausage. Now that the enclosure is finished, I'll spend today planting, staking, weeding and trimming, and this evening the Hubs and I will finish up the sausage (we still have to make links and package it for freezing). I may observe Memorial Day by relaxing and gloating over my enclosure and a freezer full of homemade goodness, although I should be writing since I might still be able to make that goal.

I finished my third and final book for the month (Great Stories by American Women anthology), so that goal is achieved and I'm well ahead of goal on my short-story reading. It doesn't look like I'll get any of those nature walks accomplished, and I'm stalled out on self-publishing the second book in my series while I wait for my designer/formatter to finish the interior, tweak the cover design and create the full-sized cover for the paperback version of the book. It looks as if May could be a mixed bag of fails and wins.

Write 2k words a week on Book 5 of my series (approximately 285 words a day)
[x] Week 1 - 1423 words (four days @ 358 words)
[x] Week 2 - 2161 words (seven days @ 308 words)
[x] Week 3 - 1093 words (seven days @ 156 words)
[x] Week 4 - 1514 words (seven days @ 216 words)
[ ] Week 5
[x] Read 3 books 3 of 3
[ ] Continue reading one short story a week
[ ] Take five nature walks of at least 1.5 mile 0 of 5
Get Book Two of my series republished
[x] Review text, rewrite front and back matter and send to formatter
[x] Approve cover design
[ ] Decide on promo schedule
[ ] Republish on Amazon (this may slop over into June depending on how fast the turnaround is)