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Thread: MayNoWriMo 2019 - Face to the Sun

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    MayNoWriMo 2019 - Face to the Sun

    "Be like a flower
    And turn your face to the sun."
    - Kahlil Gibran

    Welcome to the May 2019 NaNo goals thread!

    April Camp is over (although July Camp isn't far off!) and it's time to start fresh and start your goals for the merry month of May. Your goals don't have to be just for writing, and not even for just writing and reading: anything goes. So put 'em down here, rev up your engines and get ready to go - and help the other denizens of this thread by cheering them on!

    I had a good April and am hoping for an equally productive May, so I'll get us started. I got 10k written last month (which is a lot for a turtle writer like me), so I'm going to scale back just a bit and aim for 2k a week in May. If I do more than that, bully for me! I'll also be working on getting Book Two of my series republished, as well as continuing with my usual reading goals. I was an utter failure at my exercise goals last month, but I'm going to attempt a slightly easier goal in that arena for May, rather than just give it up entirely.

    What's on YOUR agenda for May?

    Write 2k words a week on Book 5 of my series (approximately 285 words a day)
    [ ] Week 1
    [ ] Week 2
    [ ] Week 3
    [ ] Week 4
    [ ] Week 5

    [ ] Read 3 books
    [ ] Continue reading one short story a week
    [ ] Take five nature walks of at least 1.5 mile

    Get Book Two of my series republished
    [ ] Review text, rewrite front and back matter and send to formatter
    [ ] Approve cover design
    [ ] Decide on promo schedule
    [ ] Republish on Amazon (this may slop over into June depending on how fast the turnaround is)
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