End of week two, and nothing really to add. Yesterday was too busy for my writing day so that's happening today.

Still! Of my not really to add stuff: making progress on the short story. Don't know if it'll be a real short story at the end, but it's been fun to write. Should hopefully finish that today.

Some of my write/edit each day efforts were... dubious. I'm counting them, but they certainly didn't have a whole lot of effort in there. I'm looking forward to a break next month, but I need to the daily goals in general or I'd just play games all day and get nothing done ever. (Well. I'd get sick of games and I like writing so it wouldn't not happen at all, but in a funk so it wouldn't help.)

I did finish my next Famous Five. So one whole book, a short children's one, in two weeks!

1. Read five books. 1/5
2. Edit one story. Started a flash.
3. Draft one new story. Nope.
4. Game planning. Little bit.
5. Query S&M. Nope.
6. Finish Ginevra. Yes!
7. Plan/assess Haven. Not yet.
8. Write/edit each day, with one dedicated writing day per week. Yep. Kind of.
9. Bake a thing. Not yet.