Hi team,

I wanted to share a wee experience, and see what people think.

I subbed a short story to one of the big-four SFF mags (shall remain nameless) in May 2018. This particular mag doesn’t have a rule against simultaneous subs, so I subbed another a month later.

After having heard only crickets until November 2018, I sent a polite nudge. They didn’t reply so I nudged again a month later. It took nudging via social media to get them to reply - I got an email from the editor saying, “you will hear shortly” in mid-December.


February comes around - I nudge again - no reply.
April - I do a social media nudge, and their SM team tells me they will contact the editor.

In a few weeks it will be a year since I subbed. I can see from Submission Grinder that they are continuing to reject and accept stories.

The problem for me is that I love this market - I subscribe to it, and would, obviously, love to be published in it.

What do you all reckon?

A good CP/friend of mine told me to pull the submissions, but I’m already so gawd-damn deep in, plus I keep thinking a reply is just around the corner.