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Thread: A new website for writers and beta readers to find each other!

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    A new website for writers and beta readers to find each other!

    Hi writers and beta readers of Absolute Write!!

    I've just launched a new website that's in open beta (haha) to help writers find beta readers and beta readers to find WIPs they may be interested in reading!

    Critique Connect (

    As a writer you can:

    • Add details about your WIP(s) (like blurb, word count, draft, disclaimers, improvement areas, etc)
    • Search for beta readers using filters like genres they like to read
    • Add details about yourself such as your critique tolerance, goals, etc.

    As a beta reader you can:

    • Search for WIPs you may be interested in reading using filters like genres, types, length, etc
    • Describe your qualifications as a beta reader, your critique style, etc
    • Describe your preferred method of compensation (free, swap, paid, etc)

    And as both, you can leave reviews for each other on how it was like working with the other and also interact on the forums!!
    Since this just launched, there aren't a ton of users on it right now but hoping to grow the community!

    If you're interested, please sign up and I'm also open to hearing feedback about the website itself. Feel free to PM me about any questions or details.


    Edit: It's been quite a trip down memory lane to see my old profile picture and signature here from 10 years ago! haha not very professional but not going to change it to preserve how I was like back then

    Edit (May 11, 2019): Traditional email/password log in is now live so you don't have to use a social media platform anymore!!! Let me know if you see anything wonky going on with it
    Last edited by A La Vanille; 05-12-2019 at 04:11 AM. Reason: I forgot how my profile picture and signature looked like haha


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