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Thread: Is it normal for small publication editors to only publicize certain writers/poets?

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    Is it normal for small publication editors to only publicize certain writers/poets?

    Hi, everyone.

    I've had a poem accepted by a brand new, online poetry publication. The editor asked every accepted poet for a photo and bio, for social media purposes. I was asked for my Twitter handle; I mentioned I didn't have one, then the editor said that they'd Tweeted about my inclusion in the upcoming poetry issue.

    I checked Twitter and didn't see my name, bio, or photo included on their account, the way they'd Tweeted about other accepted poets (almost all had/have social media accounts). However, there are other poets whose names, photos and bios haven't been mentioned, yet, either. I guess the "mention" Tweet he meant was the general Tweet about which countries submissions came from and that some rookie poets were being included.

    So, I'm wondering, is it normal for publishers to only publicize certain poets, based on them having a social media account, a more impressive bio with major credits, etc.? (I.e. Is this how the social media "game" is played in publishing?)

    I don't understand the reason for wasting a writers'/poets' time by asking them for a bio and photo, saying that they're going to use them for social media purposes only for the editor to choose to publicize only certain ones, in the end (when they'd Tweeted that newbies' work was equal to those who were established, that they should be proud, etc.)

    I understand that I don't have as many impressive credits like other poets and writers who are being included; I can't help but feel a little disappointed because I wasn't aware that certain poets would be more publicized than others, that, I guess I'd be looked upon as less than others and not as included for not having a social media account, more impressive credits, etc.

    Another editor from a different publication published a poem of mine, with my name, even though I didn't have a Twitter account.

    I'm very confused and puzzled by all of this. From the editor's Tweets, they made it sound as though newbies and established poets' work was equally good; they said everyone was worthy of inclusion in the issue. I don't even know what to say to the editor, anymore. It's as though I don't know whether my work will really be included at all in the first issue.
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