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Thread: Is it normal for small publication editors to only publicize certain writers/poets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by veinglory View Post
    Check that the omission of the last line is not an error. If it is deliberate ask for the reason. Then decide whether to approve the change.
    Aye! I already sent an email giving my approval around two days ago, after thinking about it overnight, like one member suggested. Before it was accepted, the editor asked me to edit it down further, not only for space limitations, but to help improve and make the imagery stand out more. So, I sent a shorter, edited version that was accepted.

    I'm okay with the last line being omitted; I realized that it wasn't imagery--like the editor wanted--and reads more professional and better, with subtle details, rather than having the last line hitting the reader over the head too much with being overly specific about the age of the characters. I think readers can still figure out that the characters are children, where they're going, etc., based on what they're doing and wearing.

    I was just overly attached to it because it was based on a real memory from my life, which happened at a certain age. I'm okay with readers not knowing the children's exact age; the fact that the characters likely can be inferred to be children is enough for me.

    But, I'll keep your advice in mind in the future, for other editors, in case something similar happens, again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fuchsia Groan View Post
    I know your region may have special circumstances, but I can tell you that in the current YA/MG Twittersphere, being LGBT+ positive and promoting books with LGBT+ content is the norm. I’d advise making an account and following people in the community to see what the environment is like, before you start tweeting. It’s all about reading the room. You’d probably want to seek out local teachers’ and librarians’ accounts, too...
    Thanks, for explaining a little about what it's like having DMs from readers!

    Yes. I'm well aware that being openly positive about LGBT+ books and characters is encouraged in other parts of the country. I've been reading agents' and authors' tweets, who live in other parts of the country that are more liberal and accepting of LGBT+ people (e.g. New York and California).

    Hmm...about local authors/poets...yes, I've already looked at their social media: it's a very, very small group; all of them follow each other and don't have as many followers as other authors and poets who live in other parts of the country (in more populous, liberal cities). All of them seem to be older authors and poets; most don't tweet about LGBT+ books or issues (I only know of one who does, sometimes, but most seem to be heterosexual; they mention through interviews and their poetry about being married to an opposite sex spouse; that have children, etc.). Their work and tweets are more about being working-class, Southern, religious, etc. I'm not from here, so I'm not exactly like them.

    I'm not sure about local librarians, as I recently overheard one politely agreeing with a parent who thought the books that schools were requiring students to read were inappropriate; the parent said she reads to her 13-year-old son and omits the parts she doesn't want him to read because she said it was her right as a parent to have control over what her son is taught, not the school.

    So, while librarians and libraries, as a whole, might tweet things about accepting diversity, it might not actually be representative of their personal feelings.
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