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Thread: How important is platform in 2019?

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    How important is platform in 2019?

    I'm writing YA paranormal/urban fantasy and I hope (ha!) to end up with an agent and a book deal. It's been a few years since I last dipped my toe into the world of trade publishing. I've spent the better part of a decade ghostwriting mostly, so I haven't built any sort of platform for myself. But I keep being told that the only way to get an agent's attention in this climate is by having a strong platform, high social media numbers, etc. I don't have any social media. Of course I'm willing to get a Twitter account, Instagram, etc -- but I wouldn't build up any significant platform between now and when I hope to start querying in a couple months. Things are so different now to when I was first playing in this sandbox years ago.

    So are chances basically slim to none without a platform these days?
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