This is the first time I've ever tried to write a Fantasy and while my characters, setting and themes have come easily to me, I'm having real trouble with the plot. I have ideas, I just can't seem to expand them or fit them together because they are so vague. I know what I want this story to be about, I'm just having a struggle with it. This struggle has gone on for 12 months.
I've tried just sitting down and writing it without a planned out plot. Brain went blank.
So I tried stealing the introductions of books will a simiiar feel just to get me typing (done this in the past and it worked. Later I went back and wrote my own opening with no problems) Nothing.
I tried walking away from it. Reading similar novels. Learning about plot. Writing short fiction with the characters. I tried not thinking about it at all. Working on characters instead for a while. I just can't seem to expand what I all ready have. This has never happened to me before and after all this time it's so frustrating because I've been waiting to write this story for five years.
Can anyone help or suggest anything? I'm happy to share what little ideas I have about plot if it would help but don't want to make this question too long.
Thank you