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Thread: Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

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    practical experience, FTW MaeZe's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbenoi1 View Post

    America needs fixing. And rebranding.

    We certainly do now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris P View Post
    800 year old flying buttresses,
    One of the most famous architectural achievements occurred in Europe when they built these cathedrals. Trump is such an ignorant ass.
    Last edited by MaeZe; 04-16-2019 at 04:48 AM.
    by Antwon Rose

    I am confused and afraid
    I wonder what path I will take
    I hear that there’s only two ways out
    I see mothers bury their sons
    I want my mom to never feel that pain
    I am confused and afraid

    I pretend all is fine
    I feel like I’m suffocating
    I touch nothing so I believe all is fine
    I worry that it isn’t, though
    I cry no more
    I am confused and afraid

    I understand people believe I’m just a statistic
    I say to them I’m different
    I dream of life getting easier
    I try my best to make my dream true
    I hope that it does
    I am confused and afraid

    Born: July 12, 2000
    Died: June 19, 2018, shot in the back fleeing police

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