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I saw his fucking twit and couldn't believe the hubris. Every time I think he can't surprise me, there he goes, digging deeper. Act quickly... using water dropped in giant loads from planes onto buildings in the center of Paris. Great plan. It's right up there with raking the forest.

I love they responded. He is so infuriatingly, incredibly, unendingly imbecilic and utterly unaware of that fact.

There are some pics from inside. It's horrible, but not as horrible as I feared, I think?
I'm just sick with the loss of history and culture. I know it will be rebuilt, but it will never be what it was.

I too immediately thought about the effect of thosands of gallons of water at eight pounds per gallon falling on wood-supported slate roofs and 800 year old flying buttresses, and yeah, how stupid out national spokesman sounded.

Viewed from the side, it doesn't look as bad as the end-on shots looked. Granted, this was early on in the fire, but I looks like the construction area had something to do with it.