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Thread: Hello there!

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    Apr 2019
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    Hello there!

    Hey, y'all. I'm Wren. I'm a 30-something (when did that happen?) USAmerican woman, former English major, current paralibrarian. I'm a lifelong, voracious reader (as, I assume, most of y'all are as well), and I've wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I've written fanfiction since my tween years and had some success in that area, but now I'm ready to focus on writing as a potential career. I had a few years where I really struggled to write anything at all due to depression issues, but I've recently gotten that under a reasonable amount of control and have renewed my commitment to getting a novel published.

    My interests in reading are speculative fiction, historical fiction, (some) mysteries, nonfiction, and poetry. I've never had an interest in reading about contemporary life--I want to be transported to another world or era. I write what I think of as historical fantasy, and I'm a novelist. I admire a great short story, but they're not for me. I have finished several novels but ultimately decided they weren't right/ready for publication. My focus is on female protagonists, and I love complex and interesting relationships between female characters.

    My strengths are in characterization, relationships, and emotional realism; I struggle with plot and with actually sitting down to write. I'm definitely willing to beta if the story sounds interesting to me.

    I sought out a busy writers' site because I have a specific questions I want some perspective on (to be posted in the Sci-fi/Fantasy section soon), but I'm really impressed with the whole community and hope to become an active part of it. I haven't used message boards since the (very) early 2000s so I'm relearning everything, and there are so many sub-boards that I'm a little overwhelmed, but I love being involved with worldwide communities of diverse people who share common interests.
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