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Thread: Calling All Empaths-

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    Calling All Empaths-

    I consider myself to be somewhat of an emotional empath. I'm not requesting this information for sci-fi/fantasy/magic genres. I'm creating this thread for real experiences, because my fiction novel will focus on how these things happen in the real world, not necessarily in a fantasy world. I've done my own research, but I'd like first-hand accounts on this subject. I've combed through some of what is already on AW about empaths, but it was a long and tedious process, and most of it leaned towards the genres in which I'm not writing. Anything more scientific leaned towards specific micro-expression reading and things of that nature. I’ve had pretty intense experiences, even if I’m not physically with the person or visibly see them. So, I’d like to find out what others have experienced as well!

    And for any non-believers, you are welcome as well! This post would do well with some controversial debate on the topic because that's helpful too.

    So my main questions for all of you empaths:

    -What type of empath do you believe yourself to be? (i.e. emotional empath, physical empath, intuitive empath, etc.)

    -How does it feel to you? To feel the emotions of someone else? How do you recognize that they're not your own?

    -How do you control it? How do you mentally block the emotions of others?

    -Did you always know you were a little different? Or did it just feel like a general sense- an intuition of your environment?

    -Did you have a sort of awakening/realization about yourself? Was there any sort of journey leading up to that revelation?

    -Do have any experiences in particular that you'd like to share?

    Some questions for the non-believers:

    -What puts you off about this topic?

    -What experience and/or research do you have against the topic?

    Some questions for all:

    -What scientific research do you have on these topics? (i.e. creativity, emotional-sensitivity, intuition, sixth-senses, empaths, etc.) All research is welcomed, even if it does not necessarily focus on humans, but rather these senses in animals.

    If anyone has any more questions they think would help the discussion, let me know and I'll add them to the list. Or if anyone feels some questions are too ambiguous, also let me know and I'll try to fix that!

    If anyone has book recommendations, research articles, narrative articles, websites, or specific threads on AW, feel free to let me know or link them! Like I said, I've done much of my own research, but new sources are always welcome!
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