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Thread: Calling All Empaths-

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    In my case, it's hereditary. My mother tells stories. She knew my gender and moment of conception. Note, not implantation into the uterus, conception. Same for my brother. There are other stories too. That meant this all seemed normal to me. Not sure when it started.

    A lot comes to me in dreams. When I was in high school, I was supposed to get together with a friend one Saturday. I had a dream my friend was in a pool with my aunt. My friend couldn't move her leg. I was awakened to be called to the phone. My friend explained we couldn't get together that day. I answered, "I know, what happened to your knee." She had sprained it in karate that morning.

    I was very in tune to others while in college. I remember walking around in a funk for nearly a week and wondering who it was coming from and why it was so bad. I knew it wasn't me. I do think I stopped and asked myself that question at some point. It took some detective work to figure it out because it came from more than one person. All I remember is that on friend was sick that week.

    I dreamed of Toni and Tom's place before ever seeing it. My husband and myself were on the beach with blue water around us with them. Their place had beige carpet and blue walls. It was unfurnished, so we sat on the floor.

    I began to realize that certain people are muses for me. If they appear in my dreams, I'd better pay attention. Some of them are close friends and some aren't. My aunt, who was alive for the dream I mentioned but isn't today, is one. Both of the female friends I've mentioned are too.

    Actually, I cut myself off psychically when I had my daughter. I'd gone through infertility and simply didn't have the emotional bandwidth for other people's emotions. This was a conscious decision. I may have made it after she was diagnosed with special needs and not around her birth. Not sure.

    There are certain people I can pick up on in a space. Another friend worked for Lenscrafters in the mall. We had a falling out while I was going through the infertility, but I'd know when I walked in to the mall if he was there. They transferred him to a different local mall. And I picked up that I wasn't sensing him in the one. When I caught he was in the other, I was prompted to reconnect with him. (The second Mall is Roosevelt Field in Garden City, NY. I'd know when I walked in that either Tom or my friend Adam was there--their energy was similar to me.) I'd been having dreams about doing so to the point where our dream meetings opened with me telling him about the dreams. He's another muse of mine though he's rare in my dreams now. I guess I cut off after my daughter was diagnosed.

    I reopened myself a year or two ago. I had a dream last year that my friend Rocky had died in a car accident protecting his daughter. I awoke in a cold sweat with two thoughts. First, why wasn't Toni in the dream. And second that Rocky was fine. Unbeknownst to me, Rocky has previously had colon cancer (before I met him). Toni's current husband received that diagnosis the morning of my dream. She sent me a Facebook message the following evening. I was relieved with the explanation. I had picked upon Tino's fear that her husband was being given a death sentence, not given an actual premonition of his death; he is doing fine now. (Rocky has had a different cancer this year but his prognosis is also good.)

    All of the friends I've mentioned, except Tom, I consider Allies, from the song by Heart, which you've probably never heard of. It shows that connection well and was my wedding song.

    Reading a room? Yes. Advising people? Yes. My mother is stellar at this. Sensing spirits? Yes, but that's far harder to prove with a story, though my mother has a couple that might. If she had a computer, I'd ask her to join us.

    In high school, I read every book the school library had on parapsychology, so I did do some research. My mother read all of Edgar Casey. My favorite book on the subject at the time was called Parapsychology. But that was over 30 years ago. It contained reports of university studies conducted in the 60s. Look up Maimonides Dream Studies. A search of Parapsychology on the web shows some scholarly articles. You might find some more recent stuff. As with any scientific work, look at how the studies are set up and other means of introducing bias. Read skeptically.
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