I have a pretty good intuition about people, although I don't know how much is natural instinct (empathy) and how much is being hyper-observant. Sometimes I get really creepy vibes off people. I use Uber a lot and most of the time, I'm perfectly comfortable with getting in a stranger's car. One time, though, the driver was an older man who gave me serious creeps. It wasn't anything he said or did. He was perfectly cordial. But I felt the hair on my arms prickle and I was uneasy the entire ride. I kept my phone out and in my hand, just in case, which I don't usually do.

Aside from that, I have the dubious honor of being the person that everyone confides in. Even when I was a teenager, people I barely knew (like at church) would start telling me their problems, I guess because I'm a sympathetic listener. It's the same today. Also, I can usually tell when someone is angry, or sad, or frustrated, even if they're trying to hide it. It's just a feeling I get from being near them.