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Thread: gunpowder, sulphur in 19th century America

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    gunpowder, sulphur in 19th century America

    Hi everyone. I need a little guidance for a fantasy story I'm writing set in the Dakota territory in 1888. I don't need a lot of depth, but I'm just trying to avoid making any huge glaring errors. In my story, I'd like to say that the sulphur in the gunpowder of several rifles becomes magically altered when the people carrying those rifles enter a magical part of the land. I thought I'd pop in here and make sure that rifles in this era would, in fact, still use gunpowder with sulphur in it. How about six-shooters?

    I'm also fuzzy on the role gunpowder plays with guns. If someone could explain that in simple terms I'd really appreciate it. I've done a bit of Googling, but I'm always worried that what I'm looking at doesn't apply to the era I'm writing in. It also doesn't always make sense to me. I'm not very well versed in the mechanics of guns. Thanks for helping!

    ETA: When the rifles/revolvers are fired, does any sulphur get introduced into the air, like as part of the gunsmoke?
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